Why don’t women apply for jobs?

Why don’t women apply for jobs unless they are 100% qualified?


Blake and Blake Recruitment recently read a number of reports that women will only apply for a role if they feel 100% confident and qualified that they could do the job, whereas men will apply for a position when they meet only 60% of the required experience or skills.



So in this situation, who has it right and who has it wrong.  Are women wrong to feel that they have to match every need of the role and requirements or does that make them easier to shortlist and stand more of a chance of being offered?  But are they missing out on roles because they dismiss vacancies too easily?

Are men a bit bolder and happier to take risks and don’t fear rejection because they feel it’s worth giving it a go anyway.  Would a potential employer still consider their application on only 60% of their requirements matched or would they be seem as being timewasters.



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