Applying for jobs in a different city.

Blake and Blake were delighted to work with a large organisation who needed an experienced HR Manager to join their existing team.  After registering a number of people, we were approached by a lady who was living in San Francisco.  Looking at her CV, it was very obvious that she had the necessary skills and experience to do the role, and once we had spoken to her on Skype could see that she would really fit in well with the team already in place.  Our only worry was whether the Head of HR would consider someone who had never been to Bristol, had yet to set a date of returning to the UK and wouldn’t be able to attend an interview in person. But you know what, this firm were extremely open minded, had a really modern approach to the whole recruitment process and happily conducted the interviews by Skype at their office.  As a result they took a chance and offered our lady the role, giving her the time to move to Bristol, find somewhere to live and settle into the city before fixing a start date.  A few months on, everyone is super happy and the candidate is enjoying every minute of her new opportunity.

But I have to say, having worked in recruitment for nearly 20 years, this was a very new experience to me. I hadn’t ever placed an individual with a company who had been offered a role without having met anyone from the firm in person.  There were a lot of hurdles along the way that could have very easily have gone wrong – imagine waiting all that time and then them not getting on in person!!!



I am sure there are lots of companies out there that wouldn’t have even considered speaking with someone in this situation, and there would be a lot of companies out there who will miss out on the perfect individual because of a few unusual barriers, but it does show how times have changed and the old ways of recruiting where every single candidate was expected to attend a registration at an agency office before having their CV submitted, is out of date.  With technology at our finger tips we have the opportunity to deal with such a wider audience and allow people the chance to secure work when they aren’t always in the easiest of situations.

I certainly wouldn’t want to make all of my placements in this way, but it was a great experience and I am really happy we had a great outcome.


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