GDPR – How Blake and Blake are preparing.

GDPR – How Blake and Blake are preparing.


Many of you have probably heard of the Data Protection Act, but you may not have heard of GDPR? On the 25th of May this year the Data Protection Act will be replaced by a new regulation called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Back in 1998, the DP Act was brought in but since then many changes have happened, including the way companies collect personal data about us (social media is a prime example). As time has moved on, consumers aren’t convinced that companies are doing enough to protect them.

This new act will question how companies use the information they have about you, how do they store your details, how do they safeguard it etc. The act will be legally binding so companies can no longer opt out of it.



So as Blake and Blake Recruitment are a business who collects information from our candidates, we attended an event to find out the changes we need to make in order to be compliant. This means that our candidates and clients information will always be stored in a safe way, that we will never pass on details without the consent of the individual, that we will have opt out options so that personal information will be removed at any time etc.

Although GDPR is a big change to many companies, it is actually a really positive thing that will stop a lot of bad practise – we all get annoyed when you get calls, emails, letters from companies who have obviously sold their database of customer details to another firm. This will stop that as companies will only be able to market their product or service to you if you have given them permission.

If you need more information about this new legislation then the following link will give you details of how you as a consumer will be protected and how companies need to ensure they are doing what they legally need to be doing. .
If you do have any questions relating to Blake and Blake Recruitment and how we are getting GDPR ready then please feel free to call or email Caroline.


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