Meet the team – Liz

Meet the team – Liz



I graduated from University in 2001 with a History degree and not the first idea about what I wanted to do with my working life, so for my first day in the big wide world I tempted for a friend who urgently needed someone to sit on a reception desk in a horrible company, where all the men were rude, and she assured me it was only for a day and they sold photocopiers….it sounded awful! But for some reason, I loved it and stayed for three years! I became their Customer Support Advisor, and travelled here there and everywhere, showing people how to double side and staple – I am still a whizz on a photocopier!

I always wanted to travel, but was never a back pack/youth hostel type of girl, so was lucky enough to work for Virgin Atlantic for a year, as cabin crew, travelling all around the world, serving tea and coffee, but staying in nice hotels along the way….trouble is I am not actually a big fan of flying!!

Then in 2004, I started working in recruitment, for a small agency based in Central Bristol, in a time where we used fax machines to send cv’s to clients, and the Bristol Evening Post was the main way to advertise vacancies – there was no such thing as a smart phone and Facebook!!! It was from there in 2006 that we set up Blake and Blake, which was all a little scary at first, but probably one of the best career decisions we could have made.

I very much enjoy the wonderful world of finding people new jobs, especially people who are quite apprehensive about a change in direction or company, I always have to hold back the tears when I ring them with a job offer!

Then in 2010 I went on maternity leave, with the intentions of returning to the working world after about 6 months…but 7 years and three children later, I was finally ready. I carried out a few part time roles whilst I was off, but always knew my heart was in Blake and Blake…so here we are today….

What did I want to be when I grew up – Definitely a primary school teacher, called Rebecca!!!! Now I am older, I know I definitely don’t have the patience to be a teacher…

Who’s in my family – My lovely husband Spence and our three children, who are 6,5 and nearly 4.

Like most about Bristol – We are lucky enough to not live too far from the centre, so we can walk into town to experience the hustle and bustle of a big city, or a walk around the waterfront on a Sunday afternoon. But I especially love the fact, that 10 minutes in the opposite direction takes us into the country side.

Fav drink – I am a gin and tonic lady..but anyone who knows myself and Caroline well, will know that we are the Queens of drinking tea!

Not in recruitment – I think I would have had about another five children if I could have….or been a midwife.

Working with your sister – Well, she is bit bossy and doesn’t make the tea as much as I do, but she is my BFF!

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